Sandis Smirnov

"The class atmosphere is very welcoming and
open to all levels. It’s all about training to become
stronger, fitter, better; not just slimmer or more muscly."

Sandis Smirnov

Sronger, fitter, better; not
just slimmer or more muscly."

Personal training and fitness classes in Hanger Lane

Winner 2022
Winner 2021
Blast fit personal trainer
WINNER! Best Boutique Fitness Studio 2023

SME News’s seventh annual Greater London Enterprise Awards 2023.

Summer Offer – Kickstart your health and fitness! 

You get a results driven service, where each and every session is deeply invested in you. We will be by your side throughout your journey showing you that anything is possible with our personal training.

Head Trainer

personal training to help fitness for parents

Have more energy for your children

✓   At BLAST fitness we know what it’s like for busy parents so our programs are designed to give you more energy and quickly with huge energy improvements in 2 weeks.

✓   We also have session time that works around your busy schedules.

Do you want to go to a crowded gym full of young people posing?​

✓  BLAST is a private studio with parking available that is here for you.

✓ We do a full fitness and posture assessment with you at the start of your journey and end of every 4 week cycle to make sure you are at target to your goals.



gym influencer looking at camera

No need for instagram​

✓ All workouts at BLAST are based on your personal goals so you know that the workout you do is made just for you.

✓ This reduces the chance of injury and achieves your goals in a quick time.

Body is going through changes and has more aches and pains than it used to and not sure why?

✓ Our experienced trainers have extensive knowledge so can prescribe the right exercises and advice to help make you the best version of yourself.

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Based on 30 reviews
Fun, fun, fun! 👌 A friendly, inspiring and talented boxing team. Matt, Kiki, Oscar and Karim are totally mind, body and soul orientated -- which is great if your want to reach your best self. There are regular social events and the opportunity to attend or get involved in competitive boxing. The complete package! We all motivate, encourage and support one another. Joining up is the best decision I've made in ages. A must try for improved health, fitness, strength, weight loss and happiness! All to cool funky music. Much better than gyms, zumba, pilates and all that other rudimentary stuff. Kx
Thamasha De Silva
Thamasha De Silva
Love this place and the team! I'd been trying to find a good boxing gym in West London for ages that was good, affordable and convenient and BLAST Fit exceeds all expectations. Matt, Karim and the team are all so friendly, welcoming and motivating and I've even recently learned of the social opportunities outside of the boxing classes which are just further proof of the real community vibe here. They made me feel at ease instantly and are so accommodating! The other people who are part of the gym are all lovely too which really helps. As someone who had been doing boxfit type classes at other overpriced places in Central London, this place is so much more value for money and actually puts an emphasis on ensuring you learn proper technique as well which is what I was after!
omer abdalla
omer abdalla
Been a member for 5 months. I’m really enjoying the group classes and the body transformation. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get in shape and have fun doing so.
Group classes are really fun! Coaches are outstanding!
Lamide Osunro
Lamide Osunro
Amazing sessions. Matt is a great trainer, very attentive! You will sweat a lot and have a great work out!!
Sajjad Ali
Sajjad Ali
Very nice compact, clean and well facilitated gym. Catering for all levels. Great workout without being taxing or repressive. In other words, hard but fun and enjoyable 🥊 Very good, rounded group classes too. Reasonably priced 👌🏽
Allison Burtenshaw-deVries
Allison Burtenshaw-deVries
Welcoming space with great workouts
Scottz Walia
Scottz Walia
Been here since Oct 2022. Fantastic sessions, atmosphere and fun. Matt and his team are great trainers, and most of all, the results are showing.💪🏾💪🏾 Highly recommend to anyone wanting results.
Christophe Fontaine
Christophe Fontaine
Very good atmosphere and excellent coaches, i highly recommend it to every one.
Mohit Devgan
Mohit Devgan
Great gym and community, 100% would recommend. Always a great workout.

Questions? We have the answers

What can I expect from my first session?

Your first session will be assessments and posture analysis. It is a workout so be prepared!


This is a monthly session where we track progress and send you a great report each month to show how you are progressing.

When are the sessions?

We’re open Monday – Sat.

Do you have to be fit before a personal training session?

This is a common question I hear and the answer is no.


Whatever fitness level you are from never exercised to marathon runner we aim to make you better from the start point which is taken from your first session.

How often should I have a personal training?

How often you have a personal training session is based on speed of wanting to achieve your goals and what level of membership you can afford.


3 sessions per week will get you to your goals quicker than once per week.

How long is a personal training session?

A personal training session is 1 hour in total.


You start with mobility and preparation then into your main workout that consists of balance, core, cardio, reaction and strength.

Can a personal trainer write meal plans?

A personal trainer who is qualified as a nutritionist is qualified to give meal plans.


A personal trainer with a nutrition qualification can give advice. At BLAST we use a good management app which has a macro nutrient calculator and recipes. We can give advice based on the information given.

How do I get the most out of personal training?
To get the most out of personal training you need to be honest, consistent with training and nutrition and have a good attitude and try your best.
This will get the best results in the quickest time possible.
The coaches here are of the highest standard and have always got your back and really help get you out of the “I can’t do it” mindset! It really is a really pleasure to train here, the community that go here are the best and we help each other along when it gets tough!



Summer Offer – Kickstart your health and fitness! 

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