This class is structured to build a firm foundation in Boxing e.g. basic guard, footwork, correct execution of strikes and defence techniques in a controlled and supervised environment with pro and amateur boxing coaches. 

Students will also learn bag work, pad work develop reaction techniques using our unique state of the art reaction lights, how to hold and strike pads/ bags correctly and lastly how to put on hand wraps. 

Strong emphasis on fitness, building (slowly and progressively), aerobic, anaerobic fitness, core strength, flexibility and coordination in a fun and friendly environment.

Metcon-Mega Blast

A results based programming model, which prides itself on innovation, uniqueness and quality. Prepare to sweat and have a great time!

Mega Blast is an innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout. Functional training for any level of fitness, our classes are 45 minutes long and will leave you feeling energised and ready for anything.

Come and join the family and let us help support you towards your fitness goals and targets!

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